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Tip of the Spear is the ONLY synergistic curriculum for SAFETY & PERFORMANCE in football! Techniques created by former players that scale at every level, from Youth to NFL.
Tip of the Spear is the ONLY contact certification that provides instruction for ALL forms of contact (Blocking, Defeating Blocks, Tackling & Tackle Avoidance)
Absolutely! Even though our techniques are used at the highest levels of football, many of our success stories have come from youth football. Younger players have less bad habits to break and can quickly learn the fundamentals of our program.

As NFL players, we expected to receive the best
information from our Coaches to have success on
Sundays. If the other “coaching certifications” actually
contained the best information then the NFL would use it,
but they don’t. Instead, teams at the highest level are now using Tip
of the Spear techniques!